The Almanac difference.

As brokers and consultants move away from the client-centric to a transaction based model, client’s bottom lines suffer.  At Almanac energy, we have a consultative approach that emphasizes face to face interactions with clients and their decision making teams, direct relationships with suppliers and access to a myriad of technologies, offering your business the entire breadth of energy related services in a way that puts your energy, sustainability and budgetary goals first.

Advisory Services


Powering your business is complicated. We are here to help you make strategic, experience backed decisions that support your bottom line and energy needs.

Energy Procurement


Whether it is through our proprietary auction platform, sealed or proxy bid, we will determine the best strategy for the most supplier participation and competitive pricing.



There are many ways to be more sustainable from purchasing green energy to demand response—and it can all be confusing. We are here to help you find the sustainable solution that’s right for your business.

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Industries Served

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Higher Education

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Real Estate

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